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 Stone saw


There are a variety of stone saws that are used for cutting stone, block paving, marble, tiles, paving slabs and concrete. Buying a stone saw will depend on the cutting job you want to carry out. Here at stone saw we have all the leading suppliers of stone saws with big dicounts on all the leading brands.

Tools for stone saws

There are two main types of fuel you could choose, electric or Petrol saws.

There are 3 main sizes of hand held stone saws , all are based on the size of the cutting blades that they carry, the 300mm, 230mm and 150mm. Prices can vary depending on the size of saw required

There are many other kinds of stone saws, these are commonly known as floor Saws, grinders and bench saws. but the most commonly used stone saw by far is the hand-held petrol or electric cut-off saw. Most stone saws will have a speed of 3,000-7,5000 rpm.

Always remember to wear protective eye goggles when cutting any hard surface with a stonesaw as flying debris/chips can cause serious damage and injury. A good quality dust mask is also needed to protect the lungs from harmful dust.

When it comes to saw tools most trade users of stone saws tend to go for diamond blades for the cutting of hard products such as slate and Indian stone, although cheaper carbon blades are available although they dont have the cutting life span and a quickness of cutting that a diamond blade will provide